Apps I’m playing with today: Whisper and Jelly

Credit: Whisper App

The PostSecret of the Noughties generation! Also a great place for brands who trade on secrecy to ‘leak’ details of parties and events to online communities. Given that it’s SXSW –  cue users sharing details on Gary Vaynerchuk’s secret wine party, and music labels teasing fans with secret gig hints…


Credit: IBN Live

I credit myself on being helpful and being good and providing answers to things, but Jelly has really tested my mettle. From cooking tips for meat I don’t eat to best after hours drinking holes in Mitte, Berlin (sorry I only know Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg) I’ve been scrolling down helplessly all morning.

Remember how ages ago crowdsourcing ideas was all the rage? Well, looks like this could be another outlet for brands to get help in the form of ideas.


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