Should we gamify business processes?


Gartner 2012 Hype Cycle

I went to a really insightful talk this week at General Assembly about the business benefits of gamification  –  I run a contests fairly frequently in my line of work, so it provided me with some food for thought to say the least.

My main line of interest however, is exploring where gamifying campaigns for B2B brands can deliver benefits beyond ‘driving awareness’. I stumbled across this report published last year for Accenture that explores its origins, its trajectory and also its relevance to tomorrow’s businesspeople –  namely milennials. Furthermore, as Gamification enters prominence (as illustrated by its position on Gartner’s hype cycle  – pictured above) we see more mainstream conversations about the topic, and how it can be applied where it matters… namely in big business.

One challenge however, is correct application –  I was reminded, during this lecture that sticking a badge on something, or setting up a leaderboard or contest does not mean it will automatically create engagement with your selected stakeholder audience, and it’s not so long ago that Business Insider published a report that suggested a large number of gamification initiatives would fail, despite the massive market potential. And as one might expect a great place to start is with digital campaigns

But does that mean that we should be wary of this trend? Not at all. I’ve attempted to gamify a business process and failed once at this – I was lacking a strong enough incentive and the technology partner I was using faced a few challenges – but I’ve also won at it too. It’s definitely worth revisiting, refining and pushing towards success. I’d like to share the presentation (with the author’s permission) once it’s ready, so stay tuned for an update to this post.




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