It’s all about the skills


I’ve recently made the decision to invest in my future by taking a Digital Marketing Diploma – despite having a PR background, the changing nature of the online sphere – with the advent of social platforms like BuzzFeed for instance – creates a world where commissioning  co-creating engaging content with media partners becomes just as important as storytelling, SEO and getting your information into the hands of influence. One consequence of convergence is that although it’s great to have something that you are great at – a strong footing across disciplines is becoming essential.

And it doesn’t end there – tomorrow’s workforce will be a technically savvy one, not just socially literate. We’re already seeing a slew of news articles about teaching future generations to code –  even including it in the national curriculum – My personal prediction is that with the new code army will come a new breed of ‘intrapreneurs‘ that will develop tomorrow’s killer apps but owned by brands. After all, why leave all the fun to the entrepreneurs?

Working within a large business gives you access to reams of data –  this information can often point us to problems that need solving. Multinational consumer and tech brands have the structure, the economical might, the global coverage and the brand awareness to fully realise the potential of a promising piece of tech innovation. Could we see the next WhatsApp coming from within the doors of an established consumer tech brand? I think so!

I believe we’ll see a future where brands not only tell their story through the range of platforms that are already available –  they’ll also demonstrate their innovation by fostering and sponsoring the innovative efforts of digital businesspeople that can hack their way through tomorrow’s business issues.



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