Maximise your digital network! Social media events coming up…

I don’t know what it is about November and December that gets me thinking about networking. Maybe it’s Christmas spirit? There are some great (and notably free) events coming up so I felt it would be rude not to share what I consider to be the best of those with you, in no particular order:

1) Online Information 2009 – I missed this last year and was gutted! And it had Clay Shirky! Definitely one for the diary I’d say. It’s from 1st to 3rd December, in the slightly less than intimate Olympia Grand Hall, but if you ignore the stand of people flogging you things and head straight for the sesions I’m sure all will be well.

2) The Mashup Social Media Mixer – Mashup events are known for drawing a good cross section of all marketing and creative practitioners that touch ‘social media’ in some way with their work. A guest speaker will be announced soon. It’s on Weds Dec 2nd and costs £10.

3) Twinterval! London’s biggest Tweetup will be back in December, but I’ve not got a date yet. Their stream goes live again in two weeks, so stay tuned.

4) Heroes of the Mobile Screen – and what would a social media roundup be without a consideration of the third screen? As regular phones get smarter and Android becomes as prominent as Google (my personal prediction), knowing what amazing things are already being done on mobile is a must. Especially if you want to get some tips on where the next million quid might be hiding! It’s in association with Mobile Monday London and costs less than your average visionary event at £99.


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