Anrdroid, LinkedIn… web 2.0 news that I’ve been watching

Just a few:

a) I’m really glad that LinkedIn has Twitter parsing now –  ace. Great news for those that want to grow their connectivity on LinkedIn, using their closest Tweeps. I’m convinced this will revolutionise social media networking. I’ll write more on this when I get a moment.

b) Out of personal interest as well as for work reasons, I’m currently working on getting a better sense of whether the Google Android OS really is going to be a major iPhone contender. The growth suggests it’s possible, although Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch reckons Android needs a desktop presence to be in with a chance.  Don’t you reckon that the operators’ agressive marketing of the platform will be enough? Verizon’s ‘iDont’ ad is to  me a sign that operators see an understandable money spinner in upskilling consumers and encouraging to use multitasking apps and social media personalisation tools –  after all, who gets the revenue from greater data usage? As someone who spent years helping to tell the ‘value story’ behind mobile internet usage for one UK operator,  I won’t at all be suprised if we see the same adoption curve for ‘mobile 2.0’ as we did for ‘mobile 1.0’…

Here’s the Verizon video, for those who haven’t seen it…

c) I wasn’t able to go to the LEWIS PR social media sumit, but I’ve just come across it on their YouTube channel. Worth a peek!



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