Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2009

I’ve spent the past two days talking to the Symbian loving media community at this place; I work with Sony Ericsson so I was with the rest of the team here talking up the shiny new Satio handset which has recently hit the shops, to attract apps submissions from developers. On the plus side we came out alongside the Symbian Foundation with the launch of Symbian Horizon, a directory that aims to address fragmentation in the marketplace for Symbian applications. I also got to speak to the Allaboutsymbian team, Wired UK, amongst others, on the not so plus side I have an issue to deal with after arranging a meet with the Last100 blog. It was somewhat quieter in  terms of footfall (I’ve been told) than in recent years but nevertheless full of enthusiasm. Did anyone else go?



One comment

  1. Steve · October 30, 2009

    Hi Heleana,

    It was nice meeting you, and more power to you for actually linking to last100 and the post that is causing the “issue” 🙂

    – Steve, editor last100

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