Going to the Convention On Modern Liberty

I’m very much looking forward to this event, which has already recived a rebuttal from an ideological perspective from Jack Straw in the Guardian; I’ve been highly engaged with digitisation’s effect on society, especially since the launch of the Digital Britain report. Watching Us, Now a film by Ivo Gormey really made me think about the possibilities and oppotunities for a society connected online; at the same time it can leave us naked and potenially more vulnerable to abuses of our civil liberties, based upon the information we share voluntarily or involuntarily, so I beleive that the online race needs to be moderated with certain checks and balances that can attempt to meet the needs of as many of the Internet’s stakeholders as possible – from the ability of the UK’s businesses to create a future in the wake of out financial crisis, to the ability of individuals to excercise control over what appears abou them on this dynamic medium.¬† And I say this as a huge advocate and supporter of the digital sector.

I have to be somewhere in the morning, but look forward to meeting you all at the COML Tweetup!


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