Happy 5th Birthday Facebook, and other thoughts

Facebook is five already. It really rams home what the right ‘killer app’ can achieve in such a short time.  I was slightly disappointed at the prospect of a ‘virtual gift’ (I was hoping for shopping vouchers, personally), but then I noticed that it was a great opportunity to give thanks to other people in your life, for whatever reason. A handy marketing tactic if ever there was one! Twitter has only passed its second birthday and it’s ready to move into the mainstream now, thanks a) to the huge rage of apps and clients made for people that wish to get the most out of the platform b) its simplicity and c) ‘Tweetup’ events that make it about more than just faffing about online.

It also goes to show that no social technology innovator can afford to rest on their laureals. Even as the mainstream media are all a Twitter, Friendfeed is building more adaptable features ina  bid to steal market share. The question is whether they can become an adjective though, like ‘Googled’, Facebooked’ or ‘Tweeted’.

ReadWriteWeb has a great and detailed guide on how to use Friendfeed’s new features. Have a peek!


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