Deloitte’s predictions regarding social media credit crunch

Highly aware of the fact that I’ve used two cliches in one headline, I’ll beging by looking at what appears to be Deloitte saying in its 2009 predictions that as a result of the rising cost of hosting their services more social media publishers will move to new business models, like charging users to upload or share. Will it work in a web culture that worships at the altar of freeware? I doubt it.  If Facebook started charging tomorrow to upload content, Ning would be laughing.

Another interesting finding in this report points to how increasing attention is being drawn to the mobile Internet platform as one of the only potential ‘content growth’ areas. I’d agree with this. Informa have already pointed towards this, and the growth in geo-targetting services and other killer apps that allow people to shape their media consumption around their lives, on the go is undoubtedly the way forward in my opinion.

I was recently also asked by Campbell X if the social media credit crunch would have an impact on R&D:  after a lot of thought I’d say yes in the shorter term, VC funding has shot down, but in the longer term it may spawn more ‘built to flip’ networks with subscription-based business models, that are either easy or tailored for use on mobiles.


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