Barack Obama and a catalyst for corporate consciousness?

Recently I’ve been meditaiong in the mornings, but today was different. I jumped straight onto Techmeme to see what the tech industry was saying about the change in administration. O’Reilly’s blog was the first to catch my eye;  drawing the link between the importance Obama’s team appears to have placed on ‘bottom up’ social organisation and its similarity to the mechanics of social technologies.  The blog also rams home a commitment to transparency communication and participation – which makes me think that it is the very first administration to really become the first large mainstream ‘conscious organisation’; by that I mean one that looks inside itself and conducts an audit of its activities with the consideration of the welfare of its ecosystem of stakeholders and communities in mind. I’m at the beginning of developing this idea; but I believe that this will create a tipping point in which we’ll see the same consciousness applied to the corporate sphere.

It’s early days, but Obama has already hinted in his speech that huge reforms are afoot; ones that will force organisations to change the way they treat the plant, workers, foregin intersts and more. The web is red hot with articles on Obama’s leadership style and how people can take insipration for his use of web 2.0 to bring about fundamental changes in human behaviour. I am convinced that as a result, corporate consciousness – caused by a shift from linear to systems thinking – will eclipse CSR and or at least change what CSR does in future. This will all therefore impact hugely on what PR professionals do.


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