Are you microblog-crazy? Don’t forget the tried and tested 2.0’s!

I’ll confess it now. I’m a comms professional that hasn’t joined Digg yet. I’ve realised the error of my ways; and I don’t mean that in terms of using the service to try and hawk as many stories as possible, or to try and game the system and climb into bed with the likes of user/submitter, who practices Digg-manipulation techniques.  I’m thinking about the tool as a way of helping people understand stories with more depth to understand the nuances of what the people really want to hear; to be part of a community where you won’t get away with just broadcasting constantly; where you genuinely have to be a ‘social’ participant to benefit from it, in the trust sense.

I intend to put this right very shortly. I’ll Tweet you with my new user profile when it’s up!

Also Slideshare’s got some great news; it’s now allowing you to intergrate Youtube clips. I always wondered why they hadn’t done this earlier. Am I the only person who read cryptic looking bullet points in presentations and wondered what the ‘flesh’ looked like on that proverbial skeleton? Surely I can’t be. Anyway, now can make more fun, visual presentations (which will be great for product demos and experiential web 2.0 creds, even resumes) and let your voice do the work. Ace.


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