Thinking about the media in a web 3.0 era

All this investigation of semantic web technologies has led me to think about what the media might look like in  the age of web 3.0.  Defined as ‘the third decade of the web’ by Nova Spivak, the web’s future could show a number of developments: from the evolution of the semantic web,  to effective ‘natural language’ search, data mining, machine learning,  and other intelligent web technologies.

So when we enter this new ‘phase’ which according to Spivak’s ideas will take place from 2010 to 2020, what might the media landscape look like?

I believe we’ll see the easier cross referencing between various news’ sources angles on one particular idea or story – I say this because of the semantic web’s capability of drawing ‘packaged, rich information’ from a number of sources, based on text entries online. It may place a pressure on news sources to differentiate themselves more clearly, so as not to get lost in a storm of information. I believe SEO will also as a result become more important for those newspapers too.

From a brand reputation perspective, I also believe that brands that have created positive dialogues will benefit hugely from the web’s increased ‘strucutred-ness’ in terms of information. You’ll be able to  read about a brand and immediately access things that have been said about them – good and bad.

Beyond that, I have no further current observations. It would be great for those who know more about web 3.0 than I do to chip in with your thoughts…


One comment

  1. Campbell · January 19, 2009

    Do you think the ecession will affect investment in web start ups? And the continuation of this fascination with the semantic web.

    The thing about Web 2.0 is it just crept up on us. People are “planning” for Web 3.0. it may not happen, or something else may happen that will be like a curve ball of technology.

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