Will social media inject innovation into PR?

I’ve just been sniffing around on Edelman digital’s blog, and have seen their latest blog post. It’s a call to action of sorts, suggesting that social media and applications can be used as tools to further innovative communications tactics.  Whether the changes in the way we’re consuming media will fundamentally affect PR campaigns on a strategic level is another question worth thinking about. Does a change in platform change strategy altogether, or does it simply encourage us to use new tactics so we can deliver on the original strategy? I reckon its the latter personally.

One thing that comes to mind when considering such matters is the modern PR industry fixation with ‘telling the story’, and about stimulating conversations – both of these tactical campaign buzzwords were relatively unheard of 5 years ago. We were still broadcasting stuff at people.

We’ll have to start looking at campaigns that suit the mobile web user’s lifestyle very soon too, if the latest Pew Internet report (which forecasts that we’ll be mainly acessing the internet on our mobile phones by 2020) is anything to go by.


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