Which Twitter ‘clique’ are you in? And other thoughts

Ok, I promise not to make all my first posts of 2009 Twitter related, but I couldn’t help but to flag this one. As you’d imagine, it’s only a matter of time until the kinds of corporates that did their own Facebook apps or had their own MySpace pages will jump the Twitter bandwagon this year. So I’ve been thinking of things that you might want to bear in mind if you’re a corporate considering giving your brand a voice on Twitter:

a) Don’t become a microblog caricature – something about the application’s simplicity makes certain types of attempted covert behaviour obvious and a subject of ridicule. Like spamming people with ad-like messages. Or following loads of people in the hope they’ll return the favour. Here are some more no-no’s.

On that note, Mashable has just listed 10 ‘Twitter types’ – which one are you in?

b) Even if you’re not planning to use Twitter, it might be a good idea to sign up under your brand name anyway, to thwart Twitter squatters.

c) Again, even if you’ve no immediate plans to incorporate Twitter into your campaigns, make sure you’re online to see what people are saying about you. If you want to see what has been said in the past also, check out Twitter search.

I’ll add more to this blog as I think of them… unless of course, you want to message me with your own suggestions too!


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