A, new year…a new trend

I’ve been offline for much of the Christmas break and now have a bulging inbox full of new things to get excited about.

Twitter is about to enter a hype phase of Facebook-esque proportions it seems. The founder interviews in national UK broadsheets and the explosion of a) Twitter services and b) stories about innovative ways to use Twitter all point toward the fact that it’s going to cross the chasm in a big way. I reckon they’ll bolt on a paid version of the service (or make it ad-supported) at some point in 2009 or 2010.

So, now for the trend, which I came across in Mashable:  Social Microfunding. Beth Kanter has been talking about this for a while, and Twitter has emerged as a driver, in terms of viralising the message about causes in need of funding, as making payment processes easy, and connecting donators. I’d like to be able to design a CSR programme in which a business can attract donations from its stakeholders to a cause of its choice using Microfunding techniques.  But rather than just shunting off £x thousand to a charity, a valuable story can be told regarding exactly what the donation money has done. Like this Hope for Chilubulah blog, that shows a village being improved piece by piece.


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