Guardian’s 100 sites for the year ahead

It’s trend forceasting time at the Guardian’s tech team as they publish a list of  their top 100 sites for the future. As they themselves point out, many of the sights that have made their list didn’t even exist in 2006 (the year when they compiled their previous list), which does prompt questions about how long many of them will last.  For me the question of whether they do last is less of an issue than whether they were built with that intention in the first place.

I was immediately reminded of this Fastcompany article about built-to-flip companies, and the new entrepreneurial attitude that the aim of creating a new service is to be able to sell it when its user base reaches critical mass, usually to larger companies that can then mine all of that juicy data they’ve collated, or to start building paid for services into the initial model.

Personally I think many of these new companies whose models are based around collaboration,  social networking or online communications will be rushing to get bought over the next 12 months; others that have a viable mobile proposition may last longer (mainly because of positive market projections for the mobile content market over the next few years) and dedicate resources into building up the mobile web friendly side of their businesses. It definitely looks like that’s the way Facebook is going with its mobile app-to-hardware ‘tie-ins’.

The move to mobile would be great for ‘life-hack’  web 2.0 tools like Qype or Openstreetmap. I wonder if they’ll take that route?


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