Fed up of future trends? How about a retrospective from ReadWriteWeb…

Just got ReadWriteWeb’s top 1o digital media product lists off my Twitter stream this eve.  For anyone who wants breaking tech news fast and is not yet on Techupdates and Techwatching, I’d definitely recommend both. They’re dangerously addicitive though.  At a time where everyone’s trying to predict the future and talking about how different technologies will react to the ‘old crunch’,  I was happy to recieve this. I like the fact that they’ve gone for some unusual and unsung heroes of the web2.0 space,  like Ning and Kiva. I noticed Teachstreet were in there too under top 10 real world apps.  I wonder if School of Everything would have been in there if RWW was UK based?



  1. Dave Schappell · December 19, 2008

    Not even a little link-love for little ‘ol TeachStreet? Aww, come on… it’s the holidays!


  2. heleana · December 28, 2008

    Done! Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to neglect you.

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