Want to crowdsource answers on twitter? You’ve gotta be famous first…

I’ve spotted an interesting post by Stuart Glendinning Hall, commenting on the effectiveness of using Twitter to ‘crowdsource’ answers to stuff.  I’ve experienced this personally when trying to drive a blogmeme or tweet-based game before you’ve warmed up the people on your Tweetstream.  My attempted #myQRcodes game, while attracting blogger comments didn’t fly on Twitter like I wanted it to because I effectively launched it ‘cold’, if you see what I mean.

You’ll see this rule on this post and also here: on Twitter you have to give and give and give before you get.  Giving (in the form of replies, directs, and other forms of visible interest in other people’s Tweeted content) is what you do to make yourself more ‘famous’. Unless of course, you are a celeb that tweets, in which case people will come to you anyway.

I should of course say this is not about having a contrived schmoozing strategy; it’s more about pushing out great content yourself and speaking to other people about content that engages you on the level of passion and interest. Then one day you maye become a microcelebrity, or maybe even  real one!

Oh and look at this cool low-tech video about Twitter. Cool huh?


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