Are you a community manager? The future may be bright

I’ve just been alerted to this FreshNetworks blog post about one effect of the nascent ‘social media revolution’ (I use that term tentatively) on the employment market.  Community managers are going to be increasingly in demand, as organisations see the benefits of being tapped into what online communities are saying and are interested in.  Although ReadWriteWeb is tracking a growth in demand within US markets (so we should be fairly prudent on second-guessing how this trend will filter into the UK market) it’s nonetheless a good sign for a group of professionals that are relatively unknown within the employment market at the moment. I know through my own conversations that Freshminds and PFJ are the only recruitment consultancies that I’ve known to get briefed on CM jobs so far; the rest of them tend to be advertised through private networks like this one.

I believe that having dedicated community managers within a marketing and PR team would be very helpful in terms of helping people take their eyes off ‘getting the product to the community’ and focussing more on tailoring what a company does have to offer to what the customer genuinely wants.  Futurelab has a great presentation on this,which is here.


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