‘Holistic sustainability’ conversations come to the fore

I’ve blogged before about how while 2007 was the big year when ecological sustainability conversations really gained ground amongst society’s mainstream influencers; the next stage in this conversation is people flying the flag for what I’m calling ‘holistic sustainability’.  This is the consideration of the environmental, financial and psychological impacts of what do as parts of a company, or as individuals. The article that has prompted this blog is here. It’s only eye-catching to me as I’ve not seen much in the mainstream media about this kind of conversation yet; but I’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye from now onwards.



  1. John R. Ehrenfeld · December 15, 2008

    Ellen Goodman’s column was one of many about the impact of the financial crisis on consumption. The big question is whether the drop-off is permanent. I have several recent entries on my blog about this. I’m a bit skeptical since I do not believe that the underlying cultural values that promote consumption have changed.

  2. heleana · December 15, 2008

    Hi John, it would be interesting to know more about your thoughts on this, particularly regarding the underlying cultural values that promote consumption. I’ll take a look at your blog very shortly.

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