A quick snapshot of PR trend predictions for 2009-2011

With the year coming to a close it seems everyone’s forecasting big trends for the following year. I’d like to give my two cents worth but for a slightly longer period of time. I’ll be speaking about trends this coming Saturday at Social Media Mafia’s’ MediaCampLondon, with a specific focus on how marketing and PR consultants may be able to jump in and make some money.

Here is a short version of some of the things I’ll be looking at:

There’s a lot of predicted activity in CSR and PR consultancies are increasingly thinking ‘eco’ and green/clean tech. I think the next stage for forward thinking practitioners are in the areas of corporate consciousness, process transparency, 360 degree sustainability audits (by that I mean companies looking at the emotional sustainability of their practices on their employees, the psychological impact of their campaigns on the people they are marketing to as well as environmental impacts).

It seems as if every marketing/pr/ad consultancy and his wife are readying their digital practices for a social media land grab in 2009. An overwhelming number of people are putting their stakes in the ground here, claiming firsts.

The future laboratory’s coining of the term ‘inline communications’ is definitely where the future is. Soon there will be no ‘social media arms’ it’ll just be the other half of your PR campaign. It’ll become increasingly unclear online, what is ad budget what is marketing budget and what is PR budget.  Taking an integrated approach now will bring you cash later. Consultancy will also have to be holistic; focusing on the legal, privacy/digital rights, ‘digital health’ impacts caused by their outreach to communities.

I’ve got a few more but you’ll have to come and see me on Saturday for those. I’m on at 3pm.



  1. Mia · December 9, 2008

    3pm is good! I’m much more likely to be there then.

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