An eye-opening blogmeme: My ‘5-a-day’ for mental wellbeing

I have recently begun volunteering with Andy Gibson, head gardener of the Mindapples blog. Mindapples is an enlightening blogmeme that encourages people to pay conscious attention to what they do to stay mentally well,  and to open up the conversation about ‘mental health’ beyond the realms of psychiatry wards and outreach services. I decided to start volunteering on this project because it’s high time that the subject of mental wellbeing was seen as an essential conversation for everyone to be literate about, rather than having it seen as an ‘issue’, which of course comes with its attendant stigmas.

So here is my 5-a-day for mental wellbeing:

  1. Exercise (cycling, climbing, bikram yoga)
  2. Meeting up with friends (in houses and cafes or outside, ideally)
  3. Meditation (Dhrumil Purohit’s falling still idea is ace)
  4. Blogging (to help me sharpen and formulate my thoughts about subjects that matter to me)
  5. Reading (for the similar reasons to why I blog)

I’m inviting Angela Connor, Jeff Buderer, Mia Ridge, Steve Jennings and Dhrumil Purohit) to do the same.


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