And while I’m on the topic of Twitter and advertising:

Just got information about a new Twitter advertising service called Twittad from Beth Kanter. The idea she suggested about also conntecting with the charity sector is spot on. It would be great to be able to send Amnesty International or Friends of the Earth ad slots via my twitter stream, or  to be able to donate the money made from normal ads to charity. It could also potentially enable PRs to sell microblogging campaigns with CSR tie-ins.

Of course there always comes the risk of being accused of selling yourself, especially if you’re working for a large client that pollutes and creates waste donating money to Greenpeace to greenwash away its sins; which is exactly why telling an authentic story about the relationship between your client and the charity would be very powerful. If you can get your big polluter to take ‘corporate consulting’ from the charity as well to help them clean up their ways, you can then stream the story of how the process goes as well. Two hits for the price of one!


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