Online video may be great for PR, but not so to make £££

I’ve blindly assumed  that with the advent of Revver, that monetising video was going to be easy. You just agree to a 5 second advert before your clip, spread the word wait for the clickthroughs and then run off with the dosh. Not so it seems! TechCrunch have reported that a number of video-based social networks are cutting back on staff, or some sites are just not making money. The section of the article that struck me was this:

“TV and media companies can make ten times as much by putting a video on TV than they can by putting it on the Web, even if that video attracts the same size audience.”

Pants – what does this mean for PR campaigns that are using virals to spread the word and impact on the client’s bottom line at the same time? Answers on a postcard please…


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